…and the 4 essential ingredients for rapid wealth creation

When creating a podcast, you often experience a feeling very similar to coming up with the world’s greatest come-back-line, only two hours later than you needed to deliver it! However, in the case of podcasting it’s more often about the things you would love to have asked your interviewee as you sit and replay the first cut. Alas, to quote Warren Buffett: “…the rear-view mirror is always clearer than the windshield.” 

Playing back our recent interview with Jacqui Daley on Why Invest Podcast #2, we knew immediately we needed to share a little more of the backstory behind someone who is achieving success in business and wealth creation at an incredible pace.

On the podcast, Jacqui provided us with some key insights into her wealth creation journey, but to be fair to Jacqui, her investment portfolio could be best described as but the tip of the iceberg. Digging deeper, you will find that what sits below is an approach to business that has been essential to her investment success.  

The role that Jacqui’s business The Measured Marketer has played in her wealth creation journey cannot be understated. As an expert in marketing strategy, Jacqui has been able to launch and scale a business that delivers the income necessary to fuel her investment portfolio, all the while helping other business owners to replicate her own success. 

When quizzed on the topic, the following are the 4 essential ingredients Jacqui has utilised to achieve rapid success in business and investment:    

  1. Marketing;
  2. Branding;
  3. Sales; and…
  4. Outsourcing 

Without marketing, branding and sales “you’ve got nothing”, as Jacqui says. “The best product or service in the world will fail if you’re not able to get people to know you, like you, trust what you have to offer, and ultimately buy from you.”

And outsourcing? Jacqui sees this as being as important as all other ingredients. “In the same way people hire marketing experts to create and implement a marketing strategy that will produce results, I too want to lean on experts who bring skills to the table that I may not have. For me personally this has been particularly relevant from an investment perspective.” 

If you’re ready to launch a business, or are perhaps looking to take things to the next level, be sure to reach out to Jacqui and her team – they’ll help you to create and implement a marketing plan that you can use to achieve rapid success in your business.

Learn more about Jacqui and The Measured Marketer here.


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