Why Invest’s interview with Mindset Coach Genevieve Burke

If you missed our wide-ranging interview with Genevieve Burke on Why Invest Episode #1 be sure to tune in now – here’s why:

  • You’ll hear first-hand how Genevieve was able to overcome a life threatening diagnosis;
  • Genevieve shares the secret to achievement of anything you are striving for in life; and
  • She lays out the practical steps you can take to eliminate the false beliefs holding you back

If you’re interested in making positive and lasting change in your life, and have tried motivation and mindfulness techniques without real success, then the wisdom shared by Genevieve is something you are going to be really interested in.

As you will experience when watching or listening to the interview (we’ve made it available in both podcast and video format), there is undoubtedly something very different about Genevieve’s approach to life. In a world where it seems like every month there is a new wellness trend emerging, each seeming more extreme than the last, Genevieve offers up a refreshing, action-based approach you can use to actually produce results.

So, whether you find yourself at a cross roads in your life, or perhaps are looking to take things to the next level, tune in and learn the techniques Genevieve personally used to achieve her ultimate goal and to identify her true calling in life.

Stay tuned for Episode #2 to be released on 19th February 2020.


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